Personal Blogging

Personal Blogging

I have blogged quite a bit in the past. You wouldn't know that I have off this blog, but I have had multiple blogs to which I have written multiple volumes of my life. The blog I have here is meant to convey my life experiences, which doesn't just mean coding experiences even though code is a large part of my life. So with that I would like to start off with dating.

A little backstory to my life: First off I probably wasn’t the greatest at dating in high school – as I will soon convey. I could come up with ideas and take people out and have some fun. I was even pretty good at asking some people out to the high school dances.

A friend and I stayed up until 3:00 AM taping cups to my date’s car. I also jacked up the car just enough so that it didn’t look like it had been modified but it was not touching the ground. I had her mom in on it as well by having her ask if she would run some errands for her.

One of the things I struggled with, like most people under hormonal pressure, is keeping my head on straight. And we can all assume that trouble is afoot.

Some of my date ideas I always tried to keep the other person wondering see if I was making something up or wasn’t expecting what was going to come next.

In Utah there are specific kind of trees (Ponderosa Pine) that can smell like Strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate. They have a very sweet smell, and during the spring and late summer you can go out for a drive and smell it in the air. Everyone I have asked if they have ever smelled a tree, I always get odd looks, but they soon understand what I mean once I take them up to one and tell them to smell it.

Driving up to the capital building in Utah and exploring it innards is always fun. The murals and intricate design of the building is stunning. Finishing up with exploring museums or other histories can be a great evening.

A few days ago I was able to go on a date. I must say that I didn’t realize this at the time but the last “official” date that I had been on was 5 years ago. Time goes really fast when you are focused on something that is important (school) to you. There were some key factors that I should have thought about before even going on the date and to learn I am going to list them here:

  1. Always dress up: I made the mistake by wearing shorts and flip-flops. (If I was going to something such as the beach that might have been more appropriate but it was embarrassing to say the least. But I didn’t keep that from ruining the date)
  2. Even that it is the first date, its not a bad idea to talk a little more than you are used to: I am introverted when it comes to group settings. I’m not 100% quiet but I have a hard time talking with someone that I am not sure what their interests are. Its something I really want to get better at, but it is something I am not sure how you get better at that.
  3. End on a little better note than not much: I didn’t say much after we were going to leave. Granted it was around 2:00 AM, so getting anyone to say much more than a groan to go to sleep was kind of a long shot. Giving a high five wasn’t bad but saying a bit more to follow up for potential other dates would have been better.

But other than that, the whole thing wasn’t half bad. I enjoyed myself, I just hope the same could be said the same for the other party.