Kitt the Cat

Kitt the Cat

It’s really frustrating when you have an animal that is misbehaving. It is even more frustrating when it doesn't matter how you address the behavior that they don't seem to change their habits. Now, I haven't really talked about my cat Kitt. Kitt was around 6 weeks old when I got him back in April. He was very good about using a litter box and consistently used it. Well, that was before he got fixed that is.

Picture of Kitt when he was a kitten

I waited about a month or so before I went to go get his shots and get him fixed and neutered. I spent a good sum of money on this cat to make sure that he wouldn't cause any issues later on down the road. Well after I got him fixed he was pretty lazy, the drugs I gave him knocked him out for most of the day. I had to switch him over to newspaper from litter since I got him declawed at the same time he was neutered.

Everything was fine for the most part. I would go to work, come back and change the litter box, which mostly consisted of me removing the soggy newspaper, and replacing it with fresh ripped up newspaper. One day I came home and I needed to do something first and I was going to change the litter box after that. Once I was done I came back into the room and found him squatting in the corner of the room. That was the first moment that I had seen him starting to act out. From that moment on I had problem after problem with him trying to keep him from messing and peeing on the carpet.  It was all for not.

I tried a variety of tactics such as trying to catch him before he goes and place him on the toilet. (I was training him to use the toilet instead of using a litter box. I stopped for sometime while he was recovering so that he didn't have to jump up onto it.) Once I saw him squatting and I picked him up. He gave me a look of "What are you doing??" and continued to defecate as I ran to the bathroom. As if this entire moment was right from a comedy script, he was done by the time I sat him on the toilet leaving behind a trail of poop from start to finish.

After that failed, I tried putting tinfoil on the spot he liked to go because I had read online that they don't like the sound. That just made him play with the tin foil and roll around on it because it made so much sound.

Next I tried putting a dresser on top of the spot. He once again outdid me and just peed on it. :( There was no end to this behavior. The only benefit to this behavior was that he was only going in one particular part of the room - how thoughtful of him.

I thought maybe it is a space thing, so I let him roam around the entire apartment. Don't worry, my room was the battle zone and never expanded its borders.

Being extremely frustrated with all the times he kept urinating and pooping on the carpet, there were a couple of times where I had been a little rough when getting mad at him. He knew I was mad and would cry in the bathroom with a different meow. After cleaning up the mess, I felt pretty bad and went into the bathroom to make him comfortable. I felt bad and I didn’t want to make him scared of me as that might just make things worse.

After trying 7 different cleaning products spending over $150 trying to remove the urine smell that he was so fond of masking over and over again. I decided to use the scare tactic; I called it the disappearing cat trick.

What I found out is that he hated the vacuum. So the only logical thing to do was to put the thing he hated on or near the one-stop-spot. That definitely worked and did so for about 2 weeks. I thought I had finally found myself in the clear...

Kitt playing with some recipes

That just wasn't so...

He found a new spot to start to pee on. At this point, I didn't know what else to do... I asked my parents if they would be willing to take him in and keep him as an outside pet. My dad really didn't want any more cats but eventually my mom was able to convince him.

Right now I feel pretty bad that I just gave him up. It has only been 5 months since I got him; it hasn’t even been a year. I feel like I failed somehow as a pet owner to get him to act the way he should.  I could tell he is a smart cat because he would go on the drain of the bathroom tub if he absolutely didn’t want to go in the toilet.

As for all the messes he had me clean up I definitely don't miss that. But as for him greeting me when I get home and sleeping next to me when I go to bed or while I am playing games it’s been a little sad.

I feel much better that I didn't give him up to a shelter or something like that because then I can still go see him when I go home to visit my family.

Kitt at my parents ready to pounce behind some flowers

It is strange how attached you can become to an animal. I think it is really cool how each animal acquires different personalities, and I think the owner does a lot that influences the personality. My cat doesn’t care to be on his back, he frequently would lie in my arms like a baby. I am on the computer a lot so sleeping on my lap was somewhat hard to get him to do, but if I was home for like a weekend, he definitely took the opportunity to stay there.

So I guess to end this blog post, I am glad where my cat is now, I miss the good parts but I am also relieved that I don’t have to worry about moving into my new apartment worrying about the carpet getting ruined.