Further out is Further in

Further out is Further in

A few days ago I ended up posting some photos of a few things that look fairly similar in nature. I was watching a video about space and I noticed a few things that reminded me of a video of fungi. (I know, it seems weird that space reminded me of mushrooms but hear me out) So with this blog post, I will be uncovering what these pictures were.

You may notice that these pictures have a similar theme; besides their colors, these pictures all seem to follow a particular pattern.

September 23, 2014, I decided to watch a video that one of my friends posted to Facebook. Science once again has determined something pretty big by tracking 8,000 galaxies and their paths. They found out that our original cluster is a lot larger than they first thought. It goes into more detail but here is the video:

After watching this space movie, a memory triggered. A few years ago I ended up doing a little video watching online. I saw a ted talk about fungus and how it could save the world. It was/is a fascinating talk. He related how fungi were the first ones to create their own version of the Internet. The way they branch out over the various landscape, helped it know where things are if it is stepped on. He also related it to dark matter in space. I would definitely recommend the watch.

Here is a picture of a symbiotic root fungus.


Now we get to the good stuff. I have seen these patterns in other places. Space, fungi, the human brain, the Internet, and human roads, I am sure the list goes on, but the pattern is repeated over and over again.

Don't believe me yet? Here take a look at these Neurons:


Aside from the colors, doesn't it look oddly familiar? Doesn’t it seem that it has a similar pattern to the fungal pattern above?

Well how about this super cluster of what the universe looks like with dark matter in the mix:

super cluster of galaxies

Does this not look similar to the fungi picture?

Next, we will look at us humans. Here is a picture of the streets in Milan Italy taken from the International Space Station.

Milan Italy

Fascinating stuff! Or I at least think it is.

Next, I have a picture of what the Internet looks like graphing all of its nodes:

The internet graphed out

It’s strange that we are building the things that are reflected in nature. I am sure some of it is conscious but some of these locations such as Rome where the roads were placed wherever it was convenient to get from point A to point B, they are still reflecting this pattern.

If this isn't that great or that exciting, then boo on you. I am currently enjoying my euphoria.