Hobo no Hoboing

Hobo no Hoboing

A while ago I posted a status I want to explain more about. To me it sounds almost egotistical and self-centered but I have a definite dislike for hobo's. I just wanted to share some of my experiences about the people I have encountered over the recent 2 years of my life.

When I was going to Neumont, they moved to Salt Lake City. I lived just a mile away from the school which now resides in the old Tribune building. Which at one point was also part of the Pony Express when that was still around. Every day I would take Trax, which is the rail system that provides general transportation to the good portion of the Salt Lake Valley. I would then walk about 2 - 3 blocks to the school building at which point I would walk past about 5-10 homeless people.

I have many stories between the completely mental to the very concious homeless people.

The spitter

The most recent story that I have has to do with me going to a coffee shop. We didn't have any breakfast in the work kitchen so I knew of some delicious cresent rolls with bacon egg and cheese inside of them. I was walking out of the coffee shop and a homeless man aproached me and asked if I could buy him a coffee. I said no. I might have considered it if I was going inside the coffee shop. So I turned in the direction of work and proceeded to walk in that direction. I didn't get far before I started him spitting foul language in my direction and getting very angry.

On a different day, I had bought him a muffin because he had asked me if I would buy him food. I originally told him no and then went in and bought him a muffin. After that display about coffee, I don't think I will give him anything more. It might be mean to not at least consider the man and giving him food. After all, he is the only one that has ever asked me for food and not money. I am not required to give anyone anything that I have. (Except taxes, loan payments etc... etc..) So for him to snarl in my direction for saying no makes me mad.

Just like I don't know his situation, he doesn't know my situation. Maybe I don't have cash? Maybe I don't have money to spare and I spent the last amount that is in my bank on the food I just bought? So getting mad at me for saying no is really childish.

Glasses Man

I was walking back from the mall after getting some food and we walked past a few people that looked homeless or at least very dirty. One of them yelled out to me saying that I had nice glasses and wanted to see them. I had recently purchased some new aviators. I said no and kept walking. After that they cop an attitude with what I had said and started cursing at me also roosting other members of their "group" to join in with the profanity and name-calling. Tick 1 point for children.

No Wife man

There used to be a guy that would wander around the streets asking people to buy him and his wife some food. Even though he was always alone and no one was ever around him - from what I could tell. A friend of mine ended up buying the man food, but said there was no wife in the local area or where they went to go get food. I feel bad for the fact he might be crazy and not know he doesn't have a wife or he is lying or he brings back the food to his wife. I don't know about this one.

Crazy Cig

This is the best one out of all of them. I was still going to school at the time and I had started walking since it was during the summer. The mornings were still pretty warm and I enjoyed walking the mile or so to school. I got to one of the corners before the school building and a very messy haired guy with dreds and dirt all over him bad teeth and some beads hanging off his wrist; walks up to me and just stands uncomfortably close to me. We had just moved to Salt Lake and I was not used to the Hobo's just walking up to you and so I never knew how to react or judge what their intentions are.

After standing for a few uncomfortable seconds, he then asks me if I have a cigarette. I said "No Sorry" and continued to look across the street keeping him in my peripheral vision. I could tell he had something wrong with him as he began talking to him self and muttering things. Looking up and down really quickly, and playing with the beads he had. After a few more seconds of that he asked me again if I had a cigarette. I once again said "No I don't" and he immediately responded and said, "Yes I know".

The white walking man sign turned on and I briskly walked across the street all the while not being completely confident this guy might attack me for something. When I got to school, one of the staff asked me if the guy at the corner was a friend. That was a definite no.

Asked Before Man

It was my friends birthday and we decided to go out to eat. We were living in Salt Lake at the time and so walking to the steak house wasn’t too big of an issue. We ran across a guy that ask for some cash for the Trax. I had seen him before by the school and we were about a mile away. One of my friends said "No, I have given you money before." The guy immediately said no you didn't and that’s where my friend lost it. After my friend got rather mad about not giving this guy some money. He ended up explaining to us that he gave the guy some money just a few days ago. This guy was definitely not one of the worst.

Quiet Babies

During the past few months I have walked around to go to events and or get to work. There seems to be quite a few women that bring out the strollers and baby carriers. The problem I see here is that knowing babies like to cry quite a bit in uncomfortable environments and just crying in general. Not once did I ever see the babies out of the carriers or hear any of them crying. I would pass these stroller-caring-people multiple times a week and never once hear a sound coming from them. My trust dwindles for these people on a daily basis.

Deaf note

I was on a date with someone and we decided to go to a comedy stand up at the Off Broadway Theater in Salt Lake City. I was walking around with my date and we ended up getting to the location before anyone else. While we were waiting someone came up and put a note in front of us. The jist of the message said that she was deaf and needed some money to help. I felt bad and my date being the kind person she is felt terrible. But with my previous experience with all the other "homeless" people, I can't tell who is telling the truth and who is just trying to yank my chain for money.

The useless ticket

I was going to school for some event. While I was waiting for the red line Trax to come pick me up, a lady begged me to give her money to buy her a ticket. I ended up buying her a ticket for the day so that she wouldn't go and ask anyone else for a ticket that day. She left the platform and walked down the street. A little bit later I ended up seeing her with a full meal from subway and a few other purchases that didn't look necessary for living. I never ended up seeing her use the ticket, but she stayed around that platform for a couple of days after.

All of these instances are frustrating to me. I don't want to be that guy that doesn't want to give. But I have been in so many situations that cause me to doubt everyone's intentions that I don't trust people. I won’t go fund their drug addiction, or what ever addictions they may have. If they ask me for food, I am a lot more willing to get them something. But if they ask me for money, it isn't going to happen - not anymore at least.