Saving a bit of History

Saving a bit of History

I was going through some old blogs that I used to think I was going to keep up. Well now that I have this one I might as well port the content over here. If you don't know me, I like photography and photoshop. Which is probably good because if I didn't like photoshop I would have a few issues with photography since the field kind of revolves around it these days. Anyway here are a few ideas that I had while I was in school.

The first one I created in Feb of 2012. It was a class assignment and the teacher gave out an instruction manual on how to do it. So like in highschool I took it as, I am going to do this as fast as I can so I can add my own stuff to it. Most of the time I had 2 or 3 days extra to mess around with it.

This second photo was created just because I had nothing else to do, so in the mean time I just went out and found tutorials on making effects.

The third image I have was an assignment with no instructions. I wasn't very pleased with it. I had envisioned a completely different picture in my head but I guess we all have our bad days.

This last wallpaper is one of my favorites. It was the last image I made out of the class. I even hosted it on wallbase and watched the download count sore. I was very pleased to know I didn't lose the wallpaper when wallbase went down. If you can't tell I used a lot of what I learned from the last wallpaper and incorporated it into this one.

Even though this wallpaper wasn't created while I was in the class these other wallpapers came out of, I was finding myself getting down on myself so I decided to motivate myself a little.

In other photoshop classes I ended up taking while in college I created a bunch of Smiley faces that represented my mood as it changed throughout the course. Some of them got a little creative.

Let's just say that I was rather bored in this class. As we were working on stuff that was dull and not very hard, I decided to tell a story my own way.

There were even days when I got lonely and I wanted to attract the masses by my sweet photoshop skills. I don't think I got anyone to friend me because of it. Too strong?

Yeah... alright this blog post is a little random. But this is the stuff I am interested in. I have grown up a lot since then. haha But I felt like this stuff needs to be saved. I am not ashamed!