A few years ago I might have put a lot of the things I write in my private collection of scripts out there for the world to view. These days I am a little more reserved in my opinion as I have found that they are bold, sometimes misinformed but I have always tried to share them with the intent to help others that might be experiencing the same issues or thoughts. I have probably come off to some as bull headed in varying topics. I’ll admit, I have been from time to time, but it's never been with malicious intent. When it comes to topics that I enjoy, study and practice I tend to be passionate. This can lead me to jump to conclusions and speak to frustrations I may have had in the past as being the culprit of problems that are currently being discussed. This is along the lines of what I want to talk about.

Sometimes, I hit low spots in life. It doesn’t happen very often and it isn’t always caused by something bad. But when it does happen, I often find myself thinking as if I was older.

“What a strange thing to do when you are in a low spot of life.” One might say.

They might be right, but before you completely dismiss the idea let me tell you about why I find it useful.


See, people say you should set goals that you can see yourself doing. Start small and then accomplish those small goals. Set big goals then divide it into smaller goals so that way you incrementally accomplish that larger goal.

I am going to accomplish this goal. This is like saying, “Eh, I will eventually make that goal when I have time”. NO?! I thought the point of making the goal was so that you could achieve it?

I am going to lose 8% body fat by the end of the year.

I think as if I have already accomplished the goal. It makes me feel accountable since I have already achieved it.... In the future me’s head. One of my friends used to joke that when he was about to do something bad it was “future me’s problem”. Why not apply that same principal in a positive manner?

I lost 10% body fat and gained 5 lbs. of muscle

Now can I impress my future self by beating that goal? Can I do something to top it before my deadline?

Different Perspective

Some other things that I often think about are my interactions over the last week, month, year. One thing I am terrible at is remembering people’s names. I used to work at a place called Snow Fun. At Snow Fun, you would get the opportunity to go up to the ropes course that Snow College maintained. As well as participating in water activities and good food. After all, that was done at the end of the week there is a dance.

We would get youth groups varying in age from all over the state. One of the things I liked to do when I was assigned a group for the day or a week is trying to remember everyone’s names. The best way I found was to try to have fun, but also try to associate their name with a food. It didn’t always work but people laughed when I would remember the food rather than their name.

Now that is something I have liked to reflect on from time to time, but most of the time it isn’t always that fun.

Now something I regret. I remember there was going to be a League of Legends tournament at Neumont back when it was in South Jordan. I remember I was trying to help the guys running the tournament with the task of organizing the tables. I had walked over to a group of tables where a couple of guys were sitting. I said something along the lines of help me move these tables around a bit. One of the guys had a gigantic bag of popcorn the size of a person.

At this point, I was a little irritated at some of the people that were already at the event being extremely obnoxious. The guy that had the big bag of popcorn ended up joking with me a bit and offered some of the popcorn to me. I immediately snapped back and said no. I saw his facial expression at the time and he was taken aback by how I had responded. However, me being too wrapped up tight I never apologized for being so sharp.

I know this isn’t that big of a deal. So what, I haven’t seen him since that day. But things like this bug me. So these are the things I reflect on. Some more serious than others but needed thoughts regardless.