Do you hear that?

No, it's not the sound of your music murmuring in your ear.

No, it's not the sound of the light in your room humming as photons are happily leaving their near vacuum.

No, I am talking about the sound of nothing.

Recently I have noticed that when I get home from the gym, I reach into my bag and pull out a device that is supposed to produce sound. They are wireless and quite comfortable to wear. When they are turned on, the sound they produce is exquisite. But I am not using them for what they were made for.

I have found myself putting them on with the intention of listening to some music. But instead, I don't turn anything on. Without realizing it, I have been doing this for a couple of weeks. It's nice to be able to completely remove yourself from sounds that you would normally hear. I find it almost therapeutic.

Most of my thinking happens before bed. I think about a wide range of things. Any issues I may have had in the day, or maybe what I have seen on Facebook. When I put on my headphones, my ability to think clearly is amplified. The sound of nothing is welcoming. When you are constantly in motion, constantly getting notifications on your phone or a social media platform, it's nice to be able to stop.


When was the last time you were able to think without being distracted by a sound?