I am a MAN! 👨 I don't cry! 😭

I am a MAN! 👨 I don't cry! 😭

Two weeks ago, I got back from my son's 2 week celebration of him being born at the pediatrics office. To celebrate, we decided that given some of the benefits, we were going to get him circumcised. Woo! What a thoughtful present. I am such a great father already. 🥇🥇🥇

First off I have always been one that tends to empathize a lot with people. Back when my sister was pretty young and I was still living with my parents (at least 7 years ago) I went with my mom and sis to the doctor to figure out what to do about her abscessed tooth.

Anyways, we were in the room and they needed to take blood from my sister. Originally I thought it was that the sight of blood made me start to see black. But I am starting to see that when people that are in my immediate family are in pain and I see blood. I start seeing the black. On this particular day my sister was screaming because she REALLY didn't like needles. And when they pressed it into her to get blood I just so happened to look at the vial as I see it rushing in.

Bam! I start seeing the inverse of stars and black splotches start popping up in my vision. I saw a chair in the corner of the room earlier and I knew I needed it. So I sat there with my head down looking at the floor trying to focus on my breathing.

WELL, back at my son's 2 week birthday celebration, my wife decided she couldn't be in the room while they operated. I didn't have black splotches, and so I decided to stay.

If you don't know how the process works, they don't knock the poor kids out. They are awake and just inject a numbing agent next to the base of the penis and start snip snipping away... or at least I think so. You see, I didn't make it... No I didn't pass out. I even pulled up a chair to watch while sitting down. I thought that would help. Ha!

You know when you feel like your consciousness has sunken into the back of your head. It's almost like you are looking through a long tunnel and your mind has brought you as far away from your eyes as possible? Yeah, well, that happened. As soon as the doctor pulled out the tools and started twisting things together. The black splotches came in mass.

So what is your first reaction when that happens? Mine is pull out your phone and act like nothing is going on... Super smart. I watched my breathing and when it wasn't going away I stood up. Picked up the chair and told the doctor I can't stay. I wanted to but it probably wouldn't be a good idea.

I took the walk of shame out of the room, down the hall and out to the lobby where my wife was sitting. Yeah, telling her the story went about as good as it went here too.