Chasing Down-Earthers

Chasing Down-Earthers

I don't know exactly when I decided this, but there was a character trait that I have very much desired for myself. You could even say I've been pretty envious of. Which when you think about the some of the emotions I've had towards some of these people, it almost seems ironic.

I never understood what made people down to earth.

I think I've desired that trait because I think I noticed that people were attracted to it. But I also saw that people seemed to be drawn to that person more often than not.

Me being a somewhat - very - sarcastic person. Being down to earth doesn't quite come naturally. You could say I would come off more pessimistic which is the complete opposite side of what may be described as "chill" or perhaps real. So being down to earth? Ha yeah right. Maybe in the next life bud.

I wanted to talk about this a bit just because I've had some recent conversations that has made me stop and ask myself if I've met the definition.

Back to the past

There was an adult in my life when I was growing up that was down to earth. A lot of people looked up to him. I bet if you looked up the definition of Down to Earth, his name would be the first to show up. Might even just be the definition.

Exhibit A: Some Guy

When I was younger, he sometimes annoyed me.

"Why do so many people like this guy?"
"Why is he just nice?"
"Just get mad for once!"

Even though I got frustrated that he only seemed to have one emotion. I look back on it now and see that I was a bit jealous.

Those who know me would know that I tended to pretty much follow monogamy with my friendships. One good friend that would hang out with the majority of the time. (This is still pretty true today) So being a person who never really had a lot of friends or was often associated with hanging out in groups. Seeing a seemingly direct correlation of "fitting in" with being down to earth was enticing.

I wasn't really seeing the whole picture though. This adult was also not doing this for friendships. I think he was just there being who he was and when that was done, he went on his way.

Value in my mind

Being down to earth is a goal I've had for a while. And maybe just admitting this is kind of against being down to earth. But the biggest thing I've seen with being down to earth is you start to shed a lot of the personal obligations you think you owe people. What I mean by that is that you start to be real with yourself and others.

Our world is fill with so much... fake. Just the other day I was reading an article that was talking about how we are going to need to distrust videos more than ever because computers are starting to become better at faking people. Generating fake scenes, voices and making something up. It is getting harder for us to identify fake videos generated by computers.

If you have ever had a social media account or have been on anything like Tik-tok. You will immediately see it. It's almost like we would rather make up persona about who we'd like to portray rather than just show who we are. Maybe we've always been this fake, its just now we have platforms to promote it for likes from people we may not know.

As for another example, if you have been a reader on this blog for a while now, you may have read that I've only recently dealt with anxiety. [1][2] Most of the advice I get for trying to figure out what to do with anxiety is stop worrying so much. (However in a much more constructive way) It would seem only natural for a person who is down to earth to also swim in less anxiety than the rest of us. So just on that alone would be the ultimate medicine for me.

Being down to earth is the persona of experience. I think that is what I was missing when I was younger. I was so brash in thinking that it was a way to get people to like you, be drawn to your "personality". When I wasn't really looking to see why, and what made him that way.

Just a thought occurred but maybe these people know sadness. Maybe they know how to be real, or down to earth, because either they are really good empaths or they've lived it.