Disruptive Religion

There are several reasons I don't like talking about this topic and I wanted to share some of those reasons...How do people know this church is wrong when religion is based on faith? People justify things happening because it's the way it should be. Suicide by religion. Forcing religion on others...

Disruptive Religion

I don't like talking about religion. Almost like how a lot of people don't want to talk about politics in a public setting. The general unnerving feeling most people get when someone starts to bring up something in the news; that is the general feeling I get around talking about religion. Especially if the topic is set in a particularly negative mood. There are several reasons I don't like talking about this topic and I wanted to share some of those reasons.

Where's the profit?

Often I see or hear people bash on someone's religion for some reason. A lot of the times you will read or hear these people's comments about the pain they went through finally taking that final step forward and deciding to cut their strings from some church. That they are triumphantly returning to your facebook page to tell you that your church is a lie.

Where does this person get off? What do they get from trying to tear down someone else's world? If they have come to terms with leaving their church, why is it more common for that person to turn around and belittle those that are still following it? Their claims are always that leaving was the most painful decision they made, yet that's what they try to promote others to do.

If you take away religion from the world, the world becomes a much lonelier place to be. I'm sure they know that by now. They've already been through that, they've felt that loss. That's what I assume is their motivation. To see something burn that wounded them. So why don't they leave well enough alone? There are people out in the world who need hope; or comfort. Regardless if the thing they get it from is "factually" correct or not.

Based on faith

How do they know it's wrong? No one can prove religion is right or wrong. So how do you argue with that? (This next part may be more negative than it should come across but try to take it how it is.) All religions that I know of are based in faith. I don't know of any religion that are based on facts. (Is science a religion?) Given that information, anyone's best attempt to prove someone else's religion wrong will be met with a shield of faith. How do you argue against that? Every point the antagonist may bring up will most certainly be justified as devil's tongue or its the way it was meant to be.

Talk about injustices. I'm not trying to say we should be ignorant or justify religion as an excuse to reasonable laws. But trying to convince others of things that are hard to prove or disprove is pointless. It's not any better than trying to argue belief vs belief. The antagonist would need to have enough of an influence in the protagonist's life to change their life circumstances to really make an impact on their beliefs.

Suicide by Faith

This should ring a few ears. There should be a pretty big percentage of people that have heard about some religions offering some big reward for staying within the religions boundaries. Whether that is 72 virgins, or enteral salvation. They are all the same.

Global Climate Change has been one such topic that I've heard to be justified away as it's not our problem because it's God's plan. Earth gets warm, a lot of people burn, righteous get saved, happy ending. It sounds awful lot like 2012 all over again. What if this isn't God's plan, we hypothetically created the issue and now we all suicide by fire of our own making? So are we still saved?

Basically I've seen people try to use religion to remove responsibility of themselves for global concerns. I would think that if us being on this earth is a test. Wouldn't we be giving up our reward if we aren't trying to do everything we can to stay on this world until God deems we no longer need to prove that?

Justifying Judgement

Some of the other issues I have seen that many people may not be aware of is how judgmental a lot of people are when incorporated with a religion. A lot of my experiences come from a christian based church so I may be generalizing a bit here. When I was growing up in the LDS church, there was a lot of silent judgement. Gossip seemed to be the hot topic. It wasn't uncommon to hear that someone was struggling to do the right thing or "Did you hear about what this person did?". I'll even admit, it might not even have to do with growing up in the LDS faith but more just growing up in a small town where everyone knows everyone.

When I moved out to colorado for a summer and started going to a very large (normal sized?) highschool, that pressure or judgement seemed to dissolve. This could have been just because I didn't know anyone and they didn't know me. All I knew was that the extreme pressure to be perfect wasn't there anymore.

There are so many different directions I could take this post. But there is one thing bothers me the most. One of the things I was taught is that it isn't our job to judge others. God is the only one who can and ultimately will. Even still people will use their beliefs to try to control what others can or cannot do regardless if they share the same beliefs.

They are going to go to hell for doing that to their body!

Then let them go to hell. Ultimately there isn't anything anyone, except the person doing the transgression, can do to save that person eternally. (If that is really the true intention, more likely it's that you disagree with whatever they are doing because of your core beliefs) It's up to them, to take the step forward. There are missionaries but really they are just there to share the message and encourage you to attend. They can't force you to want eternal rewards.

Forcing Religion

I recently read an article written by someone in the LDS church. It detailed how certain things in life were a gift to us and are meant to be. That we shouldn't  criticize, or judge others for their circumstances. And it talked about how murder is bad and what kind of repercussions that would mean for eternal salvation.

All of this is to be expected. And of course the topic was around abortions.

Everything was the typical church type message. Don't kill your neighbor, and don't kill womb babies. I didn't have a problem until I got to the part where they were saying that the woman has the choice to either risk getting pregnant, or not. Which is true. But then continuing to say that is where freedom of choice ends for the woman. They no longer have the right to make choices because they decided to chance becoming pregnant and did.

Maybe I've been led astray. Maybe the devil has won and I'm not understanding the words of an apostle. Abortions are still being debated heavily and I think it will be very hard to come to a single aligned vision on whether or not abortions are considered killing. Right now, because of that vagueness it makes it hard for me to justify removing that option from a woman. Not because I necessarily agree with it. Just that I believe there are people out there who feel like there is no other option but to abort and so they will do it themselves if there is no legal and safe option. (Depending on your stance on the issue this next part may sound barbaric.) So I guess I believe in trying to save the one I know is alive, and less in one that may still not make it.

Like I said before, regardless if the church disagrees and is urging its followers to vote one way based on moral beliefs. It isn't going to save someone from making a choice if they really want to make that choice. And that's why I disagree with this article. Some might say I am disagreeing with God, but ultimately, based on faith, God is the absolute judge. I hope God has compassion on these people. That is what I was taught when I was younger. I hope God forgives and it is given to those who grieve and have transgressed. We aren't perfect. So who am I to be the one to condemn these people for their situation I may heavily be generalizing one way or another?

Final Thoughts

It bothers me a bit that large churches have this kind of influence. Regardless if it is with good intentions, I would hope that we are better for it. I've sat on this post for a while now thinking quite a bit and I realize I could be wrong. This is where I am at at the moment. My opinion may change and that's ok. I mostly want this out there for other to read, disagree or agree, and formulate their own opinion.

Biggest thing is just love each other, support each other and be a good person. Life sucks sometimes and we need each other.