1000 Worded Photography

1000 Worded Photography

I remember when I was kid I would look at books or magazines of national geographic and see pictures of animals or landscapes. Or more recently looking at sites like unsplash and 500px and seeing pictures that seemed to have a soul. You would look at these pictures and it almost felt like they were reaching out to tell you something. They spoke meaning.

I remember when I first started to steal my mom's camera and taking hundreds of photos of anything I saw. And... when I mean I took pictures of anything I saw...

I took pictures of everything. And as I go through my backups of all my photos I see see I've got a problem. I go from 20-30 pictures in an entire year to ~300 pictures for a given event. Granted we now live in a world where we have a camera and a camcorder right in our pocket. But... these photos are taken by my DSLR and not my phone. haha


As I learned more on how to take photos by creating my own stop motion videos. I started to learn about aperture and iso levels. Some of the more basic but fundamental things about photography.


Really, this is the first post that starts me sharing what I have worked on over the years. The camera I use is a Nikon 5200. I use two lenses that came with the camera and bought a third that has a wide aperture but no zoom. That lense is the primary lense I use.