Photos from 2015

Photos from 2015

The biggest event that I had the chance to photograph was the blood moon. I was a little disappointed with my results. Being the first time that I had ever tried to take a photo of something like this in the dark. At the time, I hadn't even tried to take pictures of the stars. So knowing that, lets see what I've got.

I got some cool photos from the event, but I was expecting clear and crisp images. Instead there was a slight breeze which was messing with my tripod. And since I had a slight delay on my camera to try to get more light, some photos looked like the moon was freaking out in the sky. If I were to do this again I would change what kind of cheap tripod I would bring.

Focusing was also pretty hard. Before I saw the moon I was trying to focus it on some stars I could see in the sky. Which if you are just doing that by eye, some people must have some extreme eyesight because it's nearly impossible to do if you don't have enough light. I still haven't figure out a good way to do it. What I do now is point at the brightest star and try to focus that in the best I can on a manual focus.

Eagle Point Photos

In a very different lighting setting I went to Eagle Mountain to go snowboarding later that year. There was one morning where everything was frosted. I tried to capture this through a screen.

They didn't turn out quite how I was expecting either. At the time I wasn't using the best lenses either and I was still quite new to using a DSLR.

Christmas Lights in SLC

This was probably the most disappointing photos I took all year. This shoot made me look for better lenses. I walked around downtown sometime around christmas. I don't like large groups of people but I decided I would tough it out and try to capture something. The best photo I got was this:

December 2015

Every photo I got during that time besides these were blurry or had trailing light due to the low light conditions. No matter how much I tweaked the settings. I ended up getting very poor quality photos. I am not even going to bother posting any of those here. In a future date I went back with my family and I was able to capture some really good pictures with a new lense. So watch for those.