Photos from 2016

Photos from 2016

This year I went a little nuts. I have 2600 files, some are videos and this is the year I discovered why you want to shoot raw photos. So most of my photos are duplicated with a JPG so around 1300 photos and a total estimated size of 32 GB (64 GB total). Shooting in Raw means each photo is about 30-60 MB compared to 8-9 Mb per photo if it was a JPG.

Salt Lake City Temple

It's amazing what a good lense can do. For these I used the lense I was talking about in previous posts. This particular lense has a 1.8 aperture but there is no zoom function. Meaning, if I want to see it closer I need to get closer. No more streaking, no more blurring. These pictures came out great once I got the settings down.

Lake Powell Trips

Most of the photos I have here are family related so I won't be posting any of those. But one particular photo is one that I am really proud of. It's the one that really got me excited when I went back to edit. The original looked a little dull and pulling out a little more of the coloring that you would normally see if you were there in person really brought out this photo.

You can buy this photo on displate here. Displate is a site where you can get artist's stuff printed on metal. I have purchased a few and they are top quality prints.

Stitched Photography

I started playing around with composed photography a little bit. I heard about a trend that happened on Myspace back when it was less about music. Pictures of you touching a mirror but perplexing the onlooker. If you look closely you can see where they are put together.

Who is holding the camera?

Just in one year I think I have improved. Granted the biggest thing that changed was that I purchased a really good lense. Even still, I took a large amount of photos over that year.

Photos from 2015
The biggest event that I had the chance to photograph was the blood moon. I wasa little disappointed with my results. Being the first time that I had evertried to take a photo of something like this in the dark. At the time, I hadn’teven tried to take pictures of the stars. So knowing that, lets …
1000 Worded Photography
I remember when I was kid I would look at books or magazines of nationalgeographic and see pictures of animals or landscapes. Or more recently lookingat sites like unsplash and 500px and seeing pictures that seemed to have a soul.You would look at these pictures and it almost felt like they were …