A Quest for the Internet

NVIDIA calling out and asking those with graphics cards to download and install the [email protected] application to fight against COVID-19...

A Quest for the Internet

I've come to realize that the United States of America isn't what I grew up thinking it was. I always thought that the US and the people in the US were truely undivided. I thought that we rose to the occasion when there was a need in the world. I mean, that is what we are taught right? The older you get, the more it becomes clear that, things aren't quite like that. Don't get me wrong, I don't know if I would really want to live in any other country. I enjoy the freedoms we have, but there is a lot more division, pettiness and outright arrogance when it comes to us as the US. We are united under one flag, but the people could not be more divided.

I recently heard about NVIDIA calling out and asking those with graphics cards to download and install the [email protected] application.

Really quick, [email protected] - if you don't know - is Standford project and is a small program that can receive a set of instructions from a server to do some amount of work. This work is done for researchers particularly around diseases. Right now [email protected] is looking into COVID-19 and they needed graphics card power because they are really good at crunching numbers. These researchers don't usually have the funds to utilize Mega Super computers of the likes of Google or Amazon and they rely on people to donate their idling computer power in exchange for bettering humanity. You can read more about it here.

I am a huge fan of crowd sourced projects and so I immediately downloaded it. I've done similar things using the BIONIC software several years back to help with finding or processing signals from outer space. So for the last 3 days I've been running this software and watching the progress bars slowly creep across my screen.

Today I ran across the tweet above and started reading the Reddit thread. The comments are usually a big time sink for me but one particular comment caught my eye. Someone said the internet achieved something and posted a link to the form for [email protected].

Since there was a huge surge of people wanting to help, all of Folding's WU's (Work Unit?) had run out and they had to schedule some more. My computer is about 6 years old with an i7 4k series and a Nvidia 1080, both of which are water cooled. Some of these WU's take 5-6 hours to process depending on the task. And given that they currently don't have a dedicated category for COVID-19 the community processed all the other tasks currently available for COVID-19, Cancer, Hunter's, Parkensins, Ebola, Parkinson's and more. I don't know the number of tasks they had queued up at the time, but similiar applications can have millions of WU's ready to be processed.

Now that's cool.

The news won't report on that. You won't hear that people came together and made a massive distributed super computer in the hopes of expiditing the vaccine for COVID-19. The weight of that is immense.

I wish there was more of that in the US. And maybe there is a lot more than I see. Afterall, the news isn't really on our side. Look at the crisis they've made. I couldn't find diapers anywhere. (Yeah I know what you are thinking. I prepared for everything else and forgot diapers. Whoops.)

Maybe the reason I feel this way is that there isn't really a correcting system for people who are not constructive. Take Reddit for example, If you have someone who says something out of ignorance or arrogance, they could be down voted to hell. Their comment pretty much disappears. That could be a bad thing especially if it is critical thinking but against the communal norm. Generally, from what I've seen, you tend to filter out the people that you see on Facebook. Claiming that "holding your breath for 10 seconds can tell you if you have COVID-19". (By the way, it doesn't, I've tried it. Trust me. Or better yet, ask your doctor and stop getting advice from the internet.) If only we had this kind of system in politics where the vote you cast was felt a little more... Oh well.. It is what it is.

Today was great. All because the internet and some pockets of the internt contain some really awesome people. And they should be pointed out because it's a positive thing. It's something I think we should all aim for. Progress. Throw the bullshit opinions aside and take action. Do something.

Funny enough, I just posted something saying that I haven't been as stressed lately, yet here I am at 1:30 AM writing this post.  No one around me is sick, yet I have anxiety. Maybe I jinxed myself by talking about it.

5 Years Fast
My original intent was to write full tutorials, not those that skipped steps. As well as blog about my life ups or downs. It’s been up for 5 years...

The worst part about COVID-19 is waiting to catch it. I hope I don't but not having it yet is more like putting on a blindfold and telling somone to punch you in the face. I hate getting sick. Having that on your mind plus being cooped up in the house and wondering if you are going to be able to get groceries next week is a lot. If I wasn't buying a house I would say that that's where my stresses would end.

I have to say, a week prior would have been a great time to get into a house. Right now rates are only going up. Every article I read is only saying it is getting worse and the rates will eventually come back down. The government announced it would be buying back some mortgage bonds today but it won't have any immediate effects on the market and it should help stabalize the recent increase. My fingers, toes and pretty much every muscle in my body are crossed in anxiety with hopes that they can come down to 3.5% again. Once that is locked in I have to find a replacement for my lease and the way COVID-19 is going, who knows if that will happen. I might even be moving while I am coughing a lung out.

What would life be if it wasn't so much fun? Right? haha